About Us

Mia Makina Demir Çelik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. industry in our region to provide raw and processed metal products trade, manufacturing and engineering services to our organizations started its commercial life in 2009. Our business is located in Torbalı and Bornova Doğanlar It continues its commercial activities in 1500m2 closed and 500m2 open area. Our company is a technological Mia Makina has accelerated its investments and continued its product-machine-technology-facility investments with increasing momentum. Mia Makina, with the experience and technological developments it has gained since 2009, has been providing your projects with the highest quality design, project and product analysis in order to transform them into efficient and productive products. Qualified expert With its staff, it produces your products in the highest quality with machining services.

About Us


Our vision is to create a world that is constantly evolving and changing. quality to ensure customer satisfaction without compromising on products. By meeting customer demands customer satisfaction at the highest level, following innovations and increasing our market share in the sector. increase, product to increase our capacity and by achieving all these, we will become a brand in the sector in a short period of time. to become is our most important goal.

About Us


Mia Makina Demir Çelik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. quality, up to date and technological products, to provide the best support to our customers to provide and It is our biggest duty to increase our production capacity day by day.

Customer Satisfaction

The needs of our valued customers drive all of our priorities.


Within tolerance, according to specification and visually inspected parts.

On Time Delivery

Our commitment is the delivery of quality products on time, every time.

Competitive Price

Our manufacturing expertise allows us to offer competitive pricing.